Warmly congratulate the successful holding of the first technical exchange meeting of the "Specialized, Refined, and Special New Class of Tsinghua University Shenzhen International Graduate School - Dongguan Changyuan"

        On the afternoon of April 19, 2023, Class TX2101 from Tsinghua University Shenzhen International Graduate School visited Dongguan Changyuan for a visit and exchange. Mr. Xiao Youchuan, Deputy General Manager of Dongguan Changyuan, Mr. Liu Xiaobo, Technical Director, and Mr. Shi Xingliang, Deputy Production Director warmly received and participated in the symposium.

        Mr. Liu Xiaobo, Technical Director, led a team of experts, experts, and new researchers to visit the exhibition hall, office building, and production area of Dongguan Changyuan, introducing them to the development process and corporate culture of Dongguan Changyuan. He stated that Dongguan Changyuan always adheres to the core values of hard work, pragmatism, efficiency, and win-win cooperation, as well as the corporate mission of enterprise success, employee happiness, and returning to society. He hopes that through this exchange and research class, the students can practice together and improve together.

        Professor Yang from Tsinghua University Shenzhen Graduate School of International Studies expressed gratitude for the warm reception of Dongguan Changyuan. Through visiting and listening to the sharing of Mr. Xiao and Director Liu, the specialized and innovative research class and their team sincerely admired the 20-year development process of Dongguan Changyuan. Entrepreneurs gather together to exchange business concepts, learn life philosophies from each other, and join the group for warmth. I hope to establish a cooperative relationship with Dongguan Changyuan to promote mutual progress and achieve win-win results.